Friday, June 14, 2013

A New Personal Record & A Puppy

Not to brag, but I'm kind of a big deal, guys.

Just kidding. But I have been going on short runs lately, around 15 minutes a pop, and trying to jog more than walk. On a recent run, I was really feeling it and felt that I was slacking compared to normal, but I trucked on through.

When I got home and my Run Keeper app told me that I set a new personal record, I was totally stoked! I was not expecting to have gotten a new record when halfway through I felt like I was going to puke.

Safe to say, I'm excited for my next run. Hopefully I can set another new record for myself, again! If only I can find the time...

I know, I know -- exercising doesn't take long. My runs are just shy of the time it takes for dinner to be prepared. But I've been so busy! Between working part-time (shush) and our newest little adventure, a puppy, time seems to be flying by.

Here's our family's newest bundle of joy, Piper.

At 5 months old, she is a bundle of energy. When I'm not running after her picking up her poop (sorry), I'm trying to tire her out. That counts as cardio, right?

Looks like it's time to finish my Law & Order SVU marathon, and then perhaps I'll go on a run. Tough life, huh?


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  2. Ooh that puppy is just so cute! Just found your blog through the Lauren Conrad forum and I bookmarked your blog! Love the blog btw :)

    Love Charline


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