Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Boston Strong

It is unbelievable to think that over a week has passed since the tragedy in Boston.  Four lives were lost, over 170 people were injured, and about 50 victims still remain hospitalized; a major city was shut down, an entire country held it's breath, and millions of lives around the world were touched, changed.  

In the wake of this terror, fear has been replaced with unity, strength, and perseverance.  From the London Marathon to the UMass Dartmouth campus, people have joined together in moments of silence to honor and remember the victims from April 15th.  And once the silence is broken, we carry on.  We go back to class or work.  We don our RedSox caps and go back to Boston.  We run.

I ran in a 5K on Saturday.  Then I ran 5 miles on Sunday.  And today, I am going to run again.  

I challenge you to run until you have covered 26.2 miles, even if it takes you 52 days.  Get out there and run.  Run for those who couldn't finish the race.  Run for those who will never run again.  Run to prove that you, too, are Boston Strong.  


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