Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Slap On the Wrist

I have been a bad, bad blogger. So sorry for my lack of posting. I really couldn't tell you why I haven't... just feeling a bit uninspired, I suppose. I've been up to my usual routine of classes, napping, working out and, of course, hitting up the gym. Though my gym routine has been slacking a bit (second slap on the wrist), I'm just as determined as ever.

I've also been receiving compliments on my efforts, which is the nicest feeling in the world. It's great to have people acknowledging my hard work at the gym! It's honestly giving me a big head, but I'm trying my best to deflate.

I can't wait to be finished with this semester and to go home so I can go back to eating what I choose and actually being able to bake healthy stuff.  Sure, there's some options here at school for eating healthy, but they're all so bland and it's hard to keep eating the same things every day.

So here's hoping that I can finish this semester off with a healthy mind and more motivation than ever.

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