Thursday, March 28, 2013

Run Numero Dos

Today was my second run in my training for the 10K.  I've been using the "Map my Fitness" app on my iphone to track my runs through GPS.  Today I ran 2.17 miles at an average 9:46 pace... only sightly faster than on Tuesday.  I guess I can't blame my dog anymore for my pace... today was all me.  It's tough because I'm used to running either on a treadmill (which I now hate) or on the track (which I secretly love).  There is no change in terrain or elevation on either.  But now I am forcing myself to run on a new section of the bike path near my apartment and it has killer hills!  I think I am in for a major shock when I fly from New England to Colorado for this race... the change in elevation is going to kill me  :/

I haven't tried running on the trail with my ipod yet.  I did it once when I was running on the track and HATED it... for some reason I was better off focusing on the run than zoning out with my music.  Any opinions on running with headphones?  


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