Saturday, May 11, 2013

Two Sides to Every Body

After hitting the gym for the first time since I've moved back home (what, it's only been like 3 days!), I found a new machine that I love. Is it still a machine even if it doesn't move? I digress. I love this baby because you can use free weights to work your back, abs and more importantly, the sides/muffin top.

Queue the smallest picture in existence...

{photo: Google images}

I can still feel the burn this morning from yesterday's workout and I can honestly say I'm already seeing results -- normally there's a kind of line on my back/side that makes my back look absolutely horrendous and splits my upper and lower back in half, basically. Those who have some chubbiness will know what I'm talking about. Well, this morning I lifted up my shirt, turned around and looked at my reflection... amazing! I'm definitely going to be doing this simple exercise more because who wants a muffin top these days ever?

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