Sunday, January 27, 2013

Fun Run

My BF has registered to run a half-marathon in March. (I have not.  The phrase, "I'd rather die," comes to mind just thinking about running for 13.1 miles.)  However, I have been joining him during his training.  We found this beautiful trail that stretches for miles alongside a river. After running 7 miles yesterday, the BF needed a "fun run" to loosen his muscles.  We did some speed training, some slow jogging, and some walking.  We were only out for about half an hour.  

Afterwards, I randomly chose three moves from my living room workout to add to my exercise for the day.  

I also made a delish white bean dip to snack on with baby carrots... it only uses a few ingredients that you throw into a blender or food processor.  I will be posting this recipe later on tonight or tomorrow!  

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