Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Living Room Workout

This is the workout that I did today in my small apartment living room:

  • Plie Squats - 20 reps (X3)
  • Girly Push-ups - 15 reps (X3)
  • Crunches - 25 reps (X3) -- hold each time you come up
  • Squatting Jacks - 20 reps (X3) -- jumping jacks, squat each time your feet come together
  • Lunge back, kick forward - 15 reps each leg
  • Step up with one leg, extend other leg behind you, step down - 15 reps each leg (I use a kitchen step-stool)
  • Dumbbell twist - count to 50 -- hold 1 dumbbell in both hands, sit, lock ankles and lift feet off the ground, lean back and twist at the waist from left to right
  • Skaters - 1 minute -- step right foot to the side, slide left foot to right, quickly change direction and repeat on opposite side.  reach across your body with your arms as you move.  it should feel like jazzercise.
  • Fan, squat, kick to the side, squat, repeat other leg (that's one!) - 10 reps 
  • Bridge, hold for 3 sec, back down - 15 reps -- really squeeze glutes
  • Frog - 15 reps -- lie on back, knees to chest, ankles together while knees turn out, extend legs at 45 degree angle, bring legs together trying to touch the insides/backs of your knees together, knees back down (that's one!)

Perfect motivation to KEEP GOING!
Picture: Pinterest

This workout definitely elevated my heart rate.  Most of these moves are a compilation of different workout routines that I read on Pinterest, one of these moves I saw on Regis and Kelly, and one, as far as I know, I created myself.  I like to mix and match exercises; for me, it's all about targeting those trouble areas.  

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