Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Training Together

Last night my boyfriend asked me to do the 200 sit -up challenge with him.  It's a program that starts you off at your current level, then builds you up so that you can do 200 consecutive sit-ups.  I usually do at least that many in one workout session, but I suppose they aren't all consecutive. 

 If you download the app on your phone, it tells you how many to do, then you start a 1 minute timer to rest, then it tells you the next number of sit-ups, then another minute rest, and so on.  Last night, our last set called for 25+, so I continued up to 70 sit-ups.  I might have to find a way to make this more challenging and beneficial for my body type.  

You can also do a push-up challenge by this same program, or check out any of the workouts listed on the site.  


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