Thursday, February 28, 2013

Thirsty Thursday: My Favorite Smoothie

Picture: Google images

frozen raspberries 4-5

frozen blueberries 10+
frozen strawberries 5 (small)
vanilla Activia (or any other plain or vanilla yogurt)
pineapple coconut water
cranberry juice

This was my favorite smoothie last summer.  The coconut water is super-hydrating, which is great in the hot months, but also after a workout.  I use frozen fruit because then I don't have to add any ice, but if you prefer to use fresh fruit and ice instead, all the power to ya.  I don't add much cranberry juice since it tends to have a lot of sugar, but it can aid in digestion and also adds some sweetness to the smoothie.  I also really love the color of this one.  Cheers!


  1. Similar to my smoothies, however no yogurt but sunbutter and then I add a handful of spinach. Can't taste it with the berries, but love that I get some antioxidants and easier than eating a handful, lol

  2. Yes! I usually do add spinach to all my smoothies... but the day that I made this one the flavor really tickled my taste buds and I immediately wrote down what I had thrown into the blender. I think I had been looking for more of a drink than a meal that day... the spinach makes me feel full. But thank-you, great tip, I should have mentioned that!

    Also, if the texture doesn't bother you, you can add Chia seeds to the smoothie, too. Chia seeds are all-natural and will add omega-3, calcium, fiber and iron. They do not have any flavor so your drink will taste exactly the same!


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