Saturday, February 2, 2013

A Setback, A Problem, and A New Discovery

A Setback:

I recently (and thankfully!) started working more days.  BUT, while my bank account is starting to look healthier, I am not.  It's not as if I am really, truly, honestly tired when I get home from work, but rather I have let myself cave to the excuse, "I've been working all day...I deserve a break...and a snack...." 

Last night before bed I did some pilates, jumping squats, and the fan-squat-side kick- squat sequence.  This morning I went to the track and ran 2.5 miles, averaging a 9:30 pace.  This is a decent start to a better workout routine, but I'm not there yet.  I plan to alternate running days and strength/muscle-toning days.  

I also need to get back to writing down everything I eat during the day.  My problem isn't eating healthy, but rather OVER-eating healthy.  Which, ironically, is unhealthy.  If I make myself write down everything I eat, I will realize just how many calories I consume during one day.  Also, I find I get tired of writing it down, so sometimes I will choose not to have a snack simply because I don't want to log it.  Finally, laziness working to my benefit! 

A Problem:

My BF just came home with 4 boxes of Girl Scout Cookies.  

A New Discovery:

I love trying out homemade health tricks.  From egg-white face masks to apple cider vinegar compresses.... you name it, I've tried it.  My newest discovery is coconut oil.  I've been reading about it and finally decided to buy some when I read that I can make my own deodorant from it.  I am allergic to antiperspirant (it usually has heavy metals in it which are unhealthy for everyone!) so I have to find ones that only say deodorant.  Degree used to make this amazing smelling deodorant with honeysuckle and tea tree oil, but it has disappeared from every single store! Anywho, I mixed some coconut oil with some eucalyptus vanilla oil (you can use any essential oils you like) and poured it into an empty deodorant container.  I have to keep it in the refrigerator since it will melt at 76 degrees, but it sure does smell nice, and it was way less expensive in the long run.

I also put some coconut oil in my hair for an hour.  After shampooing, conditioning, and blow-drying my hair, it looks super shiny, feels silky soft, and even somehow seems thicker.  

I also put this on my face.  And in a smoothie.  Okay, I went a little nuts.  But coconut oil is amazing!  It has so many beneficial health properties, functioning as an anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, metabolism-boosting, hair-strengthening, skin-moisturizing phenomenon.  Get some!

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