Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Workout Wednesday: Rewards

This is a picture of the little chalkboard I made last summer, which has hooks for keys and dog leashes underneath (it's also magnetic...that little sunflower is a magnet).  I decided to write down my workout plan (I swear my handwriting is usually much neater than that) and check off each workout as I completed it.  It felt kind of rewarding to check off each workout... like proof that I had actually accomplished something.  It was also a moment to breathe in between exercises as I went to the board to write my check.  

I worked my way down the list, then went back to the top and repeated as many time as I could (or, to be more accurate, until my puppy decided she wanted to play and wouldn't stop biting the hem of my yoga pants until I gave in). 

Here's the workout:

50 jumping jacks
50 crunches (holding for 3 seconds when up)
10 each leg lifts to the back (don't hold on to anything!)
10 each leg lifts to the side (again, practice your balance, squeeze the glutes)
10 squats (I did plie squats, holding an imaginary medicine ball which I bring over my head when I come up and stand on my toes)
5 "sumos"  (this requires some explanation: I squat like a sumo wrestler and step forward 3 times like that, pivoting as much as I can with my hips while maintaining that sumo squat, then step back 3 times, then repeat leading with the other foot.  That's one rep. I both look and feel like a moron, but these yield results.)
10 push-ups
5 fan-squat-side kick-squat (see my living room workout for details)

Repeat the whole routine as many times as you can.

I did this yesterday and HOLY COW are my legs sore today.  It's wonderful.  I did one cycle today with a few extra stretches and and a glute routine to loosen up my muscles, but I didn't push it too much.  Tomorrow I will try to get in a run (ugh stupid snow! I hate the treadmill.) 

If it doesn't hurt, you're not doing it right!


  1. Really loving your blog, keeps me motivated! Just realised I was yet to follow, haha!



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