Saturday, February 23, 2013

Weekend Baking

After a night of pinning tons of drool-worthy recipes the other night, I've decided that I must begin baking and stocking my mini-fridge in my dorm room. It's really become a bummer that I can't just cook whenever I'd like, because then I opt for easy on-the-go and not so healthy foods like poptarts and other foods filled with way too much sugar and sodium.

When I'm home next weekend, I plan on taking over the kitchen. Move over, momma. Here's what will be on the menu:

First up: breakfast sandwiches! I don't know why I never thought to make these before now. It's amazing what you'll find on pinterest. Get the recipe here!

{photo: Undressed Skeleton}

Next, more eggs! Have I ever told you breakfast foods are my absolute fave? I could eat breakfast for every meal. These egg muffins are another easy way to get some good nutrients and look so yummy! Get the recipe here!

{photo: Multiply Delicious}

I'll be taking what I make back to school with me so I can take these and run to class, eating something healthy on the way.

Do any of you pack your meals at the beginning of the week so they're at the ready to grab anytime during your hectic schedules? Let me know what you make in the comments!

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  1. I tried doing the mini omelet in the muffin tin...something just didn't taste right about them. It might have been the cooking spray in the tin, or the fact that I tried to do some without breaking the yolk, but yucky. I'm thinking good old fashioned seaport style might be better for prepared breakfasts. HOWEVER, I did make tiny mini-muffin sized pancakes in the oven, and mmmm those were good. I made a bunch and kept them frozen, taking out maybe 2 or 3 for quick breakfasts. Pancakes can be made healthier, and you need to have some carbs and fiber in the morning every once in a while. Besides, they are so small...portion control.


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